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About Us At Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC.

A full-service animal wildlife trapping, removal and pest control company – Licensed and Insured!

About Us At Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC.

Licensed, Insured, & Experienced. Serving All Of Central Virginia.

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Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC is the areas top-rated local animal removal and pest control company. We are an experienced nuisance animal wildlife management company providing safe and humane animal wildlife trapping, removal and control services in Richmond, Short Pump, Glen Allen, Midlothian, Chesterfield, Brandermill, Woodlake, Lake Monticello, Fluvanna, Henrico, Louisa, Lake Anna, Hanover, Powhatan, Goochland, Albemarle, Amelia, Orange, and the Charlottesville, VA areas. We strive for the most humane and environmentally effective techniques for handling nuisance wildlife problems. You can count on us to solve your wildlife problem once and for all. We pride ourselves on providing a permanent solution to your wild animal conflicts using the latest techniques. We are licensed and insured; have a Commercial Nuisance Wildlife Removal Permit issued by the Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources, employ NWCOA Bat Standards Certified technicians, and are a member of the following organizations:

VPWRS Can Solve Your Problems!

  1. Scratching Noises In Your Attic, Walls, Or Crawlspace?
  2. Unwanted Animal Wildlife In Your Home, Business or Property?
  3. Bats In Your Attic?
  4. Birds In Your Dryer And Bathroom Vents?
  5. Problem Bird Or Bat Infestation?
  6. Animals In Your Chimney Or Fireplace?
  7. Digging In Your Lawn Or Under Your House, Deck Or Garage?
  8. Dead Animal Problems?
  9. Animal Odor Problems?
  10. Chewing Sounds In Your Attic Or Crawl Space?
  11. Animals Damaging Your Wiring, Insulation, Fascia, Soffits, And The Wood In Your Home?
  12. Animal Feces Removal?
  13. Attic Restorations And Clean-Up Needed?

VPWRS Extensive Services

Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services provides nuisance wildlife removal, animal control, predator control, pest control, nuisance wildlife exclusion, and wildlife clean-up services.


We have experience in the removal and control of bats, beavers, birds, Canada geese, chipmunks, coyotes, deer, flying squirrels, foxes, groundhogs, mice, raccoons, rats, opossums, skunks, squirrels, snakes, voles, muskrats, Copperhead snakes, pigeons, and other species of Virginia wildlife.


We operate our business within accepted industry standards and best practices, and in accordance with local, state, and federal laws.

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