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Rodent Removal

Rodent Removal Call Now - (804) 457-2883 Rodents are small mammals with very sharp incisors that are continuously growing. While there are many types of rodents out there, we’ll be focusing on rats and mice, as those are the...


Moles or Voles

Moles vs Voles Call Now - (804) 457-2883 Moles vs Voles - The first step in solving a pest problem is identifying the critter involved - this can be the difference between a pest management program that works, and one that fails. To the untrained eye, damage from...


There’s A Bat In My House, What Should I Do?

What To Do If You Get A Bat Inside Your Home (804) 457-2883 It is very common for us to get calls from homeowners who have found a bat inside their house. Unfortunately, in most cases we find that the caller has handled the situation of "a bat in my house"...

bat in my house

Shrews and Their Removal

Shrew Removal Identification The shrew is a small, mouse-sized mammal with an elongated snout, a dense fur of uniform color, small eyes, and five clawed toes on each foot. Its skull, compared to that of rodents, is long, narrow, and lacks the zygomatic arch on the...

shrew removal

Welcome To Our First Post

We will be discussing all things related to wildlife removal and pest control. Our wildlife control model centers around resolving wildlife issues with compassion and humanity while respecting life and the environment. Our pest control model centers around...


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