Opossum Removal

A full-service animal wildlife trapping, removal and pest control company - Licensed and Insured!


SERVICES PROVIDED BY Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC.


Opossum Removal

A full-service animal wildlife trapping, removal and pest control company - Licensed and Insured!


SERVICES PROVIDED BY Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC.


Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC. | Licensed and Insured

Providing Residential & Commercial Possum Removal & Pest Control

Virginia Opossum Removal – Your Go To Wildlife Control Service – Get Rid of Possums

Welcome to our wildlife control service, where we specialize in Virginia opossum removal, ensuring the safety and serenity of your household. Like a dog or cat might seek refuge in your home, opossums are often attracted to human settlements. These wild animals may find their way into our lives, but unlike your furry pet companions, they can create a series of complications and potential health risks.

Opossum Removal Made Easy: The Smart Approach

Opossums may look harmless, but they can cause a nuisance around your property, rummaging through trash cans, eating pet food, or even entering homes through pet doors. Luckily, there are several efficient methods for getting rid of them. Whether it’s by using a popular opossum favorite, peanut butter, understanding their habit of “playing dead,” or addressing potential entry points like pet doors, we’ve got the information you need.

1. Using Peanut Butter as Bait

Did you know that opossums are attracted to peanut butter? The strong smell and rich taste of peanut butter make it an ideal bait for trapping opossums. To effectively use peanut butter for opossum removal:

  • A. Set up a live trap: Place a humane live trap near the areas frequented by the opossums, like trash cans, garden, or pet food bowls. Make sure the trap is sturdy and large enough to accommodate the opossum without causing injury.
  • B. Apply the bait: Use a spoon to spread a generous amount of peanut butter inside the trap, preferably at the far end, so the opossum has to enter fully. You can also add some fruit or vegetables to make the bait more appealing.
  • C. Check the trap regularly: Monitor the trap frequently, and once you’ve caught an opossum, call a local wildlife removal service or animal control to safely relocate the animal.

2. Understanding Opossum’s “Play Dead” Behavior

Opossums have a unique defense mechanism called “playing dead” or “playing possum.” When threatened, opossums can enter a temporary catatonic state, falling limp and appearing lifeless. If you encounter an opossum “playing dead”:

  • A. Do not panic: Remain calm and keep your distance. The opossum is likely just trying to protect itself.
  • B. Give it time: Wait for the opossum to recover on its own, which can take a few minutes to an hour. Do not try to handle or touch the animal during this time.
  • C. Prevent future encounters: Identify and address potential attractants and entry points around your property to avoid future encounters with opossums.

3. Securing Pet Doors

Pet doors can be a convenient way for your pets to access the outdoors, but they can also serve as an entry point for opossums and other wildlife. To prevent opossums from entering your home through pet doors:

  • A. Install a lock or sensor: Some pet doors come with automatic locking mechanisms or sensors that only allow access to your pets. This feature can help keep opossums and other intruders out.
  • B. Secure the area: Remove attractants like food or trash near the pet door and install motion-activated lights to discourage opossums from approaching your home.
  • C. Use a timer: Set your pet door to lock during the night when opossums are most active, reducing the risk of unwanted visitors.

Opossum removal doesn’t have to be a daunting task. By understanding their behavior and taking a few precautionary measures, you can keep your property opossum-free. If you need further assistance, don’t hesitate to contact our professional wildlife removal service.

Problem Identification

Your first step towards effective opossum control begins with identifying the problem. Have you noticed disruptions in your dog or cat’s food? Or perhaps a bit of a ruckus in your backyard during the night? These could be telltale signs of an opossum in your midst. They’re also known to set up nests in brush piles, so a keen eye on such areas could reveal the source of the problem. Problems caused by possums are greater than you think.

Control Methods

To properly control opossums and prevent future invasions, our team implements a multi-faceted approach, combining proven control methods and the latest techniques in wildlife control. We don’t use deterrents such as chemical repellents and hot sauce, which are surprisingly ineffective at discouraging these marsupials from making a home on your property.

Home Inspection and Sealing Entry Points

A crucial part of our service involves identifying and sealing potential entry points. Opossums, like any other wild animal, are experts at finding weak spots in your property’s defenses. We inspect your premises thoroughly and ensure all potential entry points are sealed, cutting off their access into your home.

Live Traps and Safe Removal

Our primary method of opossum removal involves using live traps. Once caught, the opossum is handled safely and humanely. This method ensures the safety of the opossum, as well as the security of your home.

Waste Disposal and Prevention

Prevention is always better than cure. That’s why we recommend using tight-fitting lids on your trash cans to prevent attracting the wildlife in the first place. Alongside this, keeping your yard clean and free from brush piles can go a long way in discouraging these critters.

Our Commitment to You

Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality of service and safety. We understand the potential distress and disturbance that a wild animal can cause, and we’re here to ensure your home remains your sanctuary.

Feel free to reach out to us for more information on our Virginia opossum removal service and let us help you regain your peace of mind. Remember, the key to effective wildlife control starts with you, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

How to Get Rid of Possums

Possums are beneficial to our ecosystems as they play a crucial role in controlling insects, spiders, snails, and even small rodents. However, these nocturnal marsupials can sometimes become a nuisance, causing damage to gardens, property, and potentially spreading diseases. It is important to manage their presence respectfully and humanely. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to discourage possums from visiting your property without causing them harm.

Identify the Problem

Before you take action, ensure that it’s possums causing the problem. Look for signs such as tracks (with thumb-like prints), droppings, disturbed garbage cans, or eaten fruits and vegetables in your garden. Possums are nocturnal creatures, so the damage is often seen in the morning.

Secure Your Garbage

Possums are attracted to food sources. Ensure your garbage bins have secure lids and are sealed properly. Consider using bungee cords to keep lids on tight.

Limit Access to Food

Remove or secure any potential food sources, like pet food, bird feeders, or fruit from fruit trees. Compost bins should also be secured or enclosed, as the smell of decomposing material can attract possums.

Garden Modifications

Possums love certain plants. If your garden is full of them, consider replacing them with plants possums dislike. These include woody or spiky plants and plants with strong smells like mint or marigold.

Encourage Natural Predators

If it’s safe and natural for your location, encourage the presence of possums’ natural predators, such as owls. Installing an owl box can help maintain a natural balance.


Possums are excellent climbers. However, they don’t handle slick surfaces well. Try installing metal flashing or a similar material on the trunks of trees they may be using to gain access to your home or garden.

Remove Shelter

Possums love to make homes in piles of wood, under houses, or in other dark, sheltered areas. By removing these options, you’ll make your property less attractive to them.

Motion-Activated Sprinklers

These can be a humane deterrent for possums. The unexpected water sprays can scare possums away without causing them harm.

Professional Help

If you have a persistent problem or feel uncomfortable handling the situation yourself, consider hiring our professional wildlife removal service. We have the knowledge, skills, and equipment to handle possums humanely and legally.


Opossums look menacing to most people and they are known to get into crawlspaces and die. The possum (Didelphis virginianus) is North Americas only native marsupial. Possums are omnivorous; they will eat vegetables from your garden, food scraps from your garbage, and pet food from your pet dishes. They will often take up residence in crawl spaces and under porches and outbuildings.

Opossums are relatively resistant to rabies; however, they can be infected with the disease. Opossums can carry Equine Protozoal Myloencephalitis (EPM) which is a major threat to horses.



At Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services we are constantly striving to advance our education so that we can continue to provide effective possum removal services.


Areas Served in Virginia

Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services, LLC provides nuisance possum trapping, possum removal and possum control throughout Virginia including the counties, cities and towns of Afton, Albemarle County, Alexandria, Amelia County, Annandale, Arlington, Ashburn, Ashland, Barboursville, Bellwood, Belmont, Bensley, Bermuda Hundred, Bon Air, Boyd Tavern, Brandermill, Bumpass, Burke, Central VA, Centreville, Chamberlain, Charlottesville, Chesapeake, Chester, Chesterfield County, Colonial Heights, Crozet, Cuckoo, CVille, Dale City, Doswell, Dumbarton, Earlysville, East Highland Park, Enon, Ettrick, Fairfax, Fair Oaks, Ferncliff, Fluvanna County, Fredericksburg, Genito, Glen Allen, Glenora, Goochland, Gordonsville, Gum Spring, Hadensville, Hampton, Hampton Park, Hanover County, Harrisonburg, Harrogate, Hening, Henrico County, Highland Springs, Hopewell, Innsbrook, Jefferson Davis, Kents Store, Keswick, Lake Anna, Lake Monticello, Lake Ridge, Lakeside, Laurel, Leesburg, Lewiston, Lignum, Locust Grove, Louisa County, Maidens, Manakin, Manakin-Sabot, Manassas, Manchester, McLean, Montrose, Motoaca, Meadowbrook, Mechanicsville, Midlothian, Mineral, Moseley, Newport News, Norfolk, North Courthouse, Northern Virginia, North Garden, NoVA, Oilville, Orange County, Palmyra, Pantops, Petersburg, Portsmouth, Powhatan County, Reams, Reston, Richmond, Richmond County, Robious, Rockville, Rockwood, RVA, Salisbury, Sandston, Sandy Hook, Scottsville, Shannon Hill, Short Pump, South Rockwood, Spring Run, Staunton, Stoney Point, Suffolk, Tidewater, Troy, Tuckahoe, Va, Varina, Virginia, Virginia Beach, Waynesboro, Williamsburg, Winchester, Winterpock, Woodlake, Wyndham, and the surrounding areas of Virginia.

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Description of Damage

Although possums may be considered desirable as game animals, certain individuals may be a nuisance near homes where they may get into garbage, bird feeders, or pet food. They may also destroy poultry, game birds, and their nests. (Source: Prevention and Control of Wildlife Damage, 1994)

Opossums are pesky creatures, and they will seek shelter in spaces that are easily accessible. This includes areas such as attics, underneath homes, sheds, and porches. They are common in urban areas, and won’t have trouble living almost anywhere.

These rodents are nocturnal, and they like to feed on garbage since they are scavengers. Opossums are typically docile, so they won’t seek out any confrontation with you, that is unless they feel threatened.


Health Concerns

Opossums carry diseases such as leptospirosis, tuberculosis, relapsing fever, tularemia, spotted fever, toxoplasmosis, coccidiosis, trichomoniasis, and Chagas disease. They may also be infested with fleas, ticks, mites, and lice. Opossum are hosts for cat and dog fleas, especially in urban environments.


Other Problems Opossums Cause

While opossums are typically gentle creatures, they can still cause issues in or around your home. They will attempt to defend themselves if they feel threatened, so getting rid of them safely and properly is important. 

  • If they get the chance to, opossums will take shelter within your attic. Attics are a great spot for the creature to make a nest and potentially give birth to a litter if you are dealing with a mother. They can cause damage to your attic as well as create unwanted noise. 
  • Opossums are known to crawl under decks or porches and take shelter under them.
  • When they’re on your property, they may try to eat your garbage or any birdseed in your yard.
  • They are known to leave their feces in swimming pools or around areas where they’re sheltered. 
  • When an opossum is around you also have the risk of it being rabid, which would create another set of problems.
  • If an opossum dies in your home, they’re likely going to leave a bad odor and the carcass can potentially bring maggots.


Get Rid of Possums

Luckily, signs that you have an opossum problem are more obvious than other intruders. The holes that they create to enter a home are relatively large. If you think you have an opossum, you should inspect your home, especially the attic, and try to find an opossum. 

  • If you find the adult opossum, you can utilize a snare pole to remove it if you are comfortable with that. Baby opossums can be removed by hand by utilizing a set of heavy-duty gloves.
  • Removing opossums can be hard to do, but luckily you can also set traps if you are having trouble with removing them. Once you remove them, you should repair any damage they caused, and most importantly, holes they made to enter. 
  • You should also do a thorough cleaning of your attic so that you can remove any feces and disinfect the area. Feces is known to carry diseases, and you should put an emphasis on the cleaning process when you get opossums out of your home. 

Hiring a professional service is most useful when handling the difficulty of removing opossums. If services such as decontamination or dead opossum removal are required, it places more importance on the execution of the job, and in that case working with a professional makes the most sense.

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