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Dealing with Mice in Richmond Homes


Hearing Unusual Noises? It Might Be Mice!

Are you hearing squeaking, scurrying, or scratching sounds at night? These could be signs that you have mice in your home. They might be small, but mice can cause big problems. They can damage insulation, chew on wires, and create unpleasant odors.

Professional Mouse Removal in Richmond

At Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services of Richmond, our experts safely and humanely remove mice and other rodents from your home. We thoroughly inspect your home to find how they’re getting in and fix these entry points. We also repair any damage they’ve caused. If you need help, just call our office.

Types of Mice in Our Area

In Richmond, we mainly see two types of mice:

  1. White-Footed Mice: Often called “field mice,” these are native to Virginia. They’re larger, about 4 to 4.5 inches long, and live in fields and woods.
  2. House Mice: Smaller than white-footed mice, these originated from Central Asia and now live close to human habitats.

How Mice Behave

Mice usually enter buildings near the ground. They can climb walls and end up nesting in various places like attics or inside walls. They reproduce quickly and eat almost anything, though they prefer grains and seeds.

Controlling Mice

The most common control method is poison baits. These baits have anticoagulants, which are effective but take 4-7 days to work. Trapping is another option. It’s faster and lets you control where the mice are caught. For trapping, you can use peanut butter or lunch meat as bait. It’s also crucial to remove any food sources that might attract mice.

Preventing Future Infestations

To prevent mice, seal potential entry points into your building. This can greatly reduce the chance of future issues. In some cases, regular treatments might be necessary, and we can arrange that for you.

If you think you have a mouse problem, don’t hesitate to contact us at Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services of Richmond for professional help! We are your local mouse control Richmond Virginia experts.

mouse control in richmond virginia

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VPWRS Can Solve Your Problems!

  1. Scratching Noises In Your Attic, Walls, Or Crawlspace?
  2. Flying Squirrels In Your Attic Or Walls?
  3. Unwanted Animal Wildlife In Your Home, Business or Property?
  4. Bats In Your Attic?
  5. Birds In Your Dryer And Bathroom Vents?
  6. Problem Bird Or Bat Infestation?
  7. Animals In Your Chimney Or Fireplace?
  8. Digging In Your Lawn Or Under Your House, Deck Or Garage?
  9. Dead Animal Problems?
  10. Animal Odor Problems?
  11. Chewing Sounds In Your Attic Or Crawl Space?
  12. Animals Damaging Your Wiring, Insulation, Fascia, Soffits, And The Wood In Your Home?
  13. Animal Feces Removal?
  14. Attic Restorations And Clean-Up Needed?

VPWRS Extensive Services

Virginia Professional Wildlife Removal Services provides nuisance wildlife removal, animal control, predator control, pest control, nuisance wildlife exclusion, and wildlife clean-up services.


We have experience handling bats, beavers, birds, Canada geese, chipmunks, coyotes, deer, foxes, groundhogs, mice, moles, raccoons, rats, opossums, otters, skunks, squirrels, snakes, voles, muskrats, bobcats, Copperhead snakes, pigeons, and other species of Virginia wildlife.


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